Relationships, client with consultant, or agency with contributor, require mutual commitment and expectations …

A few of the fundamental practicalities we encounter are that (i) public relations are compulsory and the only choice concerns how to influence their effect (ii) the brand is not only an identity, it harnesses every available experience to bring about competitive advantage (iii) saying so won’t make it so and communicating the truth has far more impact than hyperbole (iv) campaigns are created to persuade those who might buy, not please those who make or sell. Plus, (v) quality over quantity every time.

These quintessentials influence the direction of Alan Page’s PR, writing and marketing-linked services. They help form the intellectual basis for cooperation. Let's go for resonated thinking and clarity about any intended interaction.

Alan emphasised:
Be sure about the benefits you want from our business relationship. Establish objectives founded on what is realistically achievable. To be productive, it has to be an equal, working partnership. We’ll be setting about accomplishing those objectives in tandem; partaking of results and rewards through teamwork.

There is compounded strength. You know your undertaking inside out, devoted to building for a flourishing future. I understand marketing communications from top to bottom and am just as dedicated. You'll be delighted by what we can achieve together, I trust. ~ Alan

Side by side, we can blend creative disciplines to inspire more robust and profitable activity all across your domain.

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