“Alan Page’s in-depth knowledge of copywriting and the public relations business covers such broad ranging subjects. His skills are particularly suited to an international audience, where his absolute command of English allows him to excel."
Keith Henderson, Editor, Jane's Group Marine Propulsion, UK

"Alan is the complete professional. He knows his way around PR and publicity expertly. I have always enjoyed working with Alan."
Michel Kozulic, Sales Manager, Cummins Recreational, France

“We employ translators into English for American and other English-speaking clients and we give their finished work to masterly Alan, who makes sense of it for us.”
Antonio Ruiz, Director General, Nuevos Horizontes, Spain

“Most PR and ad guys are shit. Page is shit hot. Hire him.”
Roger Miller, former President, Marine Power International, USA

"Having collaborated with Alan on numerous projects, I have found him to be totally professional and he’s sheer pleasure to work alongside. His creative direction and writing skills are second to none. A real gem."
Steve Perry, Managing Director, Steve Perry Creative, UK

"Alan e un serio professionista uno dei migliori nel suo campo."
Franco Michienzi, Proprietario, Casa Editrice, Italy

“Alan was invaluable in launching our website, turning out smashing copy and making every one of over 700 products sound appealingly different. Add in Alan’s public relations acumen and he made a serious contribution to our start-up.”
Rachel Harris, Managing Director, Eat Me Sweets, UK

“He's Mr Word Perfect, equally brilliant at copywriting and preparing press stuff.”
Connie Gracely, Director, GT Communicate, UK

"Highly professional PR who understands his markets and how journalists function. Alan has a high level of integrity as well.”
Lars-Ake Redeen, Publisher & Editor, Sweden

“It seems that AP can figure out the sales and marketing needs of any business. He makes words fit any task, fulfil any function. He’s helped us a lot.”
Marianne McMaster, Marketing Director, Roundhill Distribution, UK

“Alan always responds speedily to what often are challenging timescales and sketchy briefs. We value his professional skills and patience immensely.”
Sharon Stevens-Cash, Director, Gravity Digital, UK

“Quick, inventive and totally reliable. That’s Alan.”
Rieko Voorn, Founder, De Nalatenschap, The Netherlands
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