Independent since 2010, now semi-retired; chairman and ceo, international marketing services group, 19 years; PR director, b2b marketing services agency, nine years; managing director, PR and advertising consultancy, six years; freelancer, pre-agencies ...

Alan Page knows how advertising, design, marketing and PR offices work – intimately. He has experienced the fantastic, the fruitful and the frustrating, over and over again.

Since moving away from international marketing services, Alan has been providing his cost-efficient copywriting and public relations support to some of the best medium-sized and small agencies around. Another brain and another pair of hands.

Assistance may be behind the scenes and off-site. Or it can be out front as an element of your client facing and new business teams. Whatever, the relationship remains as confidential as your situation demands. It is entirely practical, too. More than likely, it will be copywriting for advertising campaigns, corporate websites or promotional collateral. PR leverage, perhaps: from the compilation of press materials through to critical communications planning. Additionally, Alan has many years’ experience around marketing issues and knows all about maximising advertising pay-back.

Alan can do as much or as little as you want. Just ask. And he never enters into competition with agencies for direct business.

”How much do you charge?" The preferred course is to discuss and pre-agree a budget for the project or programme, so there are no surprises. Activities proceed within that approved framework: on time and to target. Alan will provide input to setting a budget if required. His quotes are as attractive as they are accurate, in the realisation that you need to reap tangible benefits from the engagement.

”Yes, but how much do you charge?" The rate for agencies is based on a discounted and bargain £30 per hour. Regard that as notional, nonetheless, for a great deal is achievable from any time slot: five-star operator Alan is as expeditious as he is skilful.

Alan will seek to bring new profits to your agency business with economical, fast, flexible, multi-disciplined and confidential collaboration.
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