Working from North Derbyshire, Alan Page uses standout PR techniques to ensure demonstrable progress and better business …

Public relations represents the most cost-effective, powerful means of marketing. It fashions, magnifies and defends your reputation as you face customers, prospects, shareholders and anyone else who might affect your status and future.

• Public relations audits & planning

• Corporate & stakeholder communications

• Production of news content & feature articles

• Employee information & involvement

• Community engagement & sponsorships

• Exhibitions, conferences & workshops

PR is inescapable: always there. What matters is how it is planned, organised and maintained. What is needed is an exhaustive, results-aligned approach, based on experience and excellence. You need look no further than Alan Page and his affordable
fees structure.

Sectors promoted have included:
• Industry – construction, engineering, manufacturing, marine, plant
• Technology – computers, electronics, medical, software, telecoms
• Services – accountancy, banking, logistics, online trading, retailing
• Leisure – basketball, boating, football, health clubs, tourism, travel

client categories have been prominent during a working lifetime in and around public relations. Years of bridling the might of traditional and new media; and moulding third party endorsements to enlighten, convince and motivate.

A solid slice of Alan’s time has involved projects sub-contracted by advertising, design, marketing and PR outfits: see
Supporting The Best Agencies. Established company, evolving venture or agency – contact Alan about making more of a difference for you ...
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