Limited overheads and the guarantee of outstanding value mean that Alan Page's charges are kept well below average …

Superior business service @ £44 per hour (or £330 pd)
Fees remain at 2019 levels and for tiptop pan-European or UK nationwide support the standard rate is £44 per hour.

All services, underpinned by copious experience, are available on a project basis. Public relations, however, cannot be turned on and off like a tap. Often, a more formal arrangement for PR is suggested, with a service support retainer to cover assured client interaction, programme reviews and reporting, opportunities awareness and back office administration. Support retainers, monthly, are linked to the breadth of activity. Invoicing can be in sterling, euros or US dollars.

Superior business service @ £38 per hour (or £285 pd)
Smaller businesses and non-profit organisations benefit from a sizeable discount, with provision based on £38 per hour.

Outstanding skills are applied within the British Isles for companies or firms of under 250 employees, the regional public sector and charities. Although no less important, service requirements and objectives tend to be less complex, less enjoining: reflected in the trimmed fees. Where monthly PR support retainers form part of the arrangement, they are set at £265. The fees are discounted. The input accorded, however, is not diluted in any way.

Superior agency service @ £32 per hour
Advertising, design, marketing and PR agencies attract a further discount. Engage the best at a profit-for-you £32 an hour.

Why this chunky reduction? Agencies have made the investment to win the business and they pursue the day-by-day activities to keep it secure. Also, it is recognised that agencies must derive consequential gain from each of Alan’s contributions. More discount is available, but travel time added, if working at your premises. Copywriting and PR for agencies form a high percentage of Alan’s workload.

Corporations, SMEs, public bodies, charities, agencies: all can (and do) benefit from Alan’s sagacity and surefire value for money.Fees banner