Professional copywriting by Alan Page has included the production of materials to be digested in every European country …

Writing for international audiences requires a special skill and flawless command of the English language. The words need to convey your messages convincingly, of course. But they must be free from linguistic quirks and subtleties. Your English has to be straightforward and straight to the point. This is made all the more important by the probability that translators will be let loose on the copy at some stage.

The writer must be sympathetic to cultural differences; aware of diverse business attitudes. From there, your messages can penetrate anywhere, with strength.

Alan Page’s texts for
international clients have appeared around the world, in original formats or translated. There's been a profusion of published press releases; boundless brochures, leaflets and specification bulletins; impactful elucidation for point of purchase zones; and website content crafted to capture global interest. Many product presenters at European trade shows have read from Alan’s scripts.

Wisely, when organisations have employed translators to produce English versions of their items, the next step has been to ask Alan to check, correct and refine.

• International-audience writing for advertising in every media
• Informed writing for brochures, data sheets, manuals & newsletters

• Engaging writing for websites, social platforms and blogging

• Easily followed writing for presentations & speeches
• Rewriting of material previously translated into English

• Journalistic writing of press releases and feature articles

Visibility and perceived character are key elements of brand entrenchment. Never easy to put into place across divergent zones, forceful messaging is vital. Start determining your strongest communications formulae for export territories by reviewing options with Alan ...
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