Alan Page's series of marketing communications blogs, for the first half of 2021.

Posted June 2021:

COMMUNICATING CLEARLY has never been of greater importance, if people are to be rescued from the digital age’s ocean of words, including the sea of coronavirus do’s, don’ts and dithers. Information only has value when it can be absorbed into the knowledge stream. To take effect, it has to interesting. Then, it has to be delivered consistently, in a readily identifiable manner and using a tone that’s easily understood: slowly but surely. Read more

Posted May 2021:
CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING is a tradition in agencies and design houses. Visualiser, copywriter and the account handler as a minimum, asserting, interjecting, arguing – working together to give birth to yet another campaign or brand alignment. Quite probably, breaking out the beers or pulling a cork or two along the way. So, how have they coped with lockdown? Read more

Posted April 2021:

ALMOST THREE-QUARTERS of people surveyed recently said they are concerned about being able to tell what is true from what’s fake when it comes to taking in news from the internet and on apps. And yet regional and local newspapers are struggling for relevance in the face of such failures of the online competition. It has been suggested that print circulations are in terminal decline, that all hope is lost. Read more

Posted March 2021:
WHATSAPP FOR BUSINESS launched in January 2018 and has become established as part of the communications armoury for a host of small companies around the world. Essentially, the app is a business version of a Facebook page, affording a series of tools to iOS and Android users in order to improve customer connections and highlight business profiles. There are compelling reasons to sign up. Read more

Posted February 2021:
PUBLIC RELATIONS as a pivotal business tool continues to grow, yet pressures on the art and science of PR are spreading faster still, piling up complexities and challenges. Fear not, technology has made operational life easier, transmitting new and brilliant ways to connect with influencers and consumers alike. In parallel, their publics have taken to communications automation as well, at ease with social media and turning to the likes of Zoom video to keep in touch. Read more

Posted January 2021:

EVEN TODAY'S masses of new technology data cannot make market surveys redundant. That simple process of asking questions has been an integral part of business strategy for generations. What do people want, why, and at what cost? What are their favourites? Which products would top the wish-list? Could simple changes bring about breakthrough market share? Read more

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