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Posted December 2017:

IN DAYS WHEN a vibrant Fleet Street community of journalists pumped lifeblood through the newspaper industry, ‘The Guardian’ was referred to widely as ‘The Gruadian’, because of its penchant for typographical errors. There were less gentle satirical swings at the paper’s perceived lackadaisical editorial standards, left-leaning disposition and Manchester heritage. However, The Guardian is no longer the butt of hacks’ jokes. Read more

Posted November 2017:
MARKETING WHITE PAPERS have turned grubby grey in the eyes of critics, who see them as thinly-disguised product pitches. The term “white paper” has lost value through being applied to all manner of compositions. White papers, however, can be potent marketing tools with a capacity to bring issues into focus, provoke new thinking and show a considered way forward. They have a meaningful contribution to make, even though they’re misunderstood and misused. Read more

Posted October 2017:
THE WONDERFUL WORLD of advertising, so besotted with the adjective "new", is anything but new and has been found from as far back as the third century BC, in Babylonia. That discovery was of event details painted on walls. An early outdoor advert excavated in Rome offered property for rent. A relic from Pompeii called the attention of travellers to the eating, drinking and bedding facilities of a nearby tavern, the latter with pre-sleep options. Read more

Posted September 2017:

CREATIVE THINKING is still ahead of any computerised capability to replicate the skill, yet brains are computational, so how long will it be before man-made machines will carry out everything that the brain can do? The robots are coming and automation will transform the workplace beyond recognition. Artificial intelligence (AI) – the capacity of a machine to simulate human intelligence – is bearing down. Read more

Posted August 2017:

STRINGENT GDPR regulations will soon be landed on every business seeking to trade with residents of the European Union. Ventures large or small, located no matter where, will feel the pressure. GDPR, you ask? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is designed to enhance data protection for individuals and will take effect from May 2018. The stipulations are going to be far-reaching and failure to comply will have serious consequences. Read more

Posted July 2017:

RECENT ELECTION results proved, as if proof were necessary, that the great British public cannot be taken for granted. Hackneyed political complacency was challenged by lively selective messaging and the latter almost caused a huge shock. Generalisations had lacked the impact of specifics. There are parallels with today’s advertising, marketing and PR. The commonplace scattergun approach has been superseded by a potent switch towards nimble, personalised targeting. Read more

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