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Posted December 2016:

THE ‘DAILY SKETCH’ was a tabloid, centre-right newspaper, started in Manchester, moved to London’s Fleet Street and published for 62 years. Among its many early scoops were action pictures of the RMS Titanic sinking in 1912 and the first photos of the 1914 British naval victory in the vital Battle of the Falklands. A young yours truly spent time at the Sketch, sparking this brief and fond look back. Read more

Posted November 2016:
WORKPLACE MEETINGS have the potential to be worthless: as uninspiring as they are unproductive. These are events at which minutes are kept and hours lost. Conversely, such get-togethers can host a capacity for unleashing brilliant brainstorming sessions, packaged with efficiency and effectiveness. What makes some meetings terrific, while others are a waste of space? Read more

Posted October 2016:
A NEW SURVEY into the work of the UK’s copywriters has found that 29% are in business after less than one year’s experience and 46% have no relevant training. Nearly one-third are pursuing copywriting as nothing more than a part-time income supplement. Practiced writers or rank amateurs, their website claims can sound confusingly similar, so beware. Read more

Posted September 2016:

FC BARCELONA has become the world’s largest sports club on social media, with followers numbering 150 million – and growing. During one weekend alone, there were more than 60 million web impressions relating to the Qatar Foundation’s sponsorship of the football team’s shirts. This is a clear indication that social platforms are accelerating interest in sport. Read more

Posted August 2016:
AUGMENTED REALITY craze Pokemon Go broke the Apple store download records in its first week on the market, dwarfing the likes of Twitter and Uber, doubling the value of part-owner Nintendo’s shares within days. McDonald’s rushed to be the game’s first UK sponsor, turning 3,000 of its outlets into Pokemon Go ‘gyms’. Businesses of all sizes are following the hunt. Read more

Posted July 2016:

THE CLOSURE OF BHS, known for longer as British Home Stores and synonymous with Britain’s High Streets for generations, followed a long period of irreversible decline. Clothing brand Austin Reed followed suit in the same 2016 week. Both chains had failed to keep up with changing consumer tastes, new entrants to the market and easier ways of shopping. Read more

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