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Posted December 2020:

EVERYONE IN business is expert at stringing words together on screen and paper, or so they think, if only they could find the time. They know they can't create the company's advertising campaign, rework the corporate logo, or build a new website. These are mystical, creative vocations best left to experts. However, anybody with a basic appreciation of language can provide the words. Read more

Posted November 2020:
MARKETING PLANS are an essential part of business organisation but there is a temptation to include all of the bright and breezy campaign ideas without the reality – the limitations – of the budget. The plan must set strategies for achieving a return on investment. The words have to be backed by numbers and if financial projections are fictitious rather than factual your plan will fail. Read more

Posted October 2020:

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH is outdated and long overtaken by the technology-led fashionable quantitative with an “n” alternative, according to many marketers. The results of a more traditional qualitative session, however, may throw up sobering information for those same marketers, broadening their thinking and improving results. QualRes remains a valuable tool and continues to develop. Read more

Posted September 2020:
MARKETING MEANS business and business is all about marketing. It involves every phone call made and caller answered; each e-mail, tweet, web page, advertisement and piece of print; and the demeanour of team members, from foot soldiers to generals. Marketers must evaluate this mass of interactions. They have to monitor customer perceptions of the business and be ready to make changes. Read more

Posted August 2020:
EXPLAINING ALL that’s good about your business and what it offers is fundamental to growth. Yet it can be frustratingly difficult to achieve. Who is capable of finding just the right tone, precisely the desired effect? Will you agree about the most penetrating words and phrases to use? Often, the road to selecting a copywriter is littered with juddering potholes. At some stage, nonetheless, it is likely that you will have to take the journey. Read more

Posted July 2020:
PRESS RELEASES, although considered by some to be wholly outdated as a form of communication, should form a powerful part of any marketing armoury. They give the editorial media ammunition for their own output, facilitate the potential to share news about your business with many publics and might help promote your appearance on the internet. However, do press releases fit in with online platforms? Or are there better ways – blogs, for instance? Read more

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