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Posted June 2020:

BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS face in two directions: internally to staff and externally to stakeholders, customers and suppliers. An ill-conceived or neglected internal interface will lead to mistakes, lack of progress and disinterest. Poor external relations can jeopardise image, sales and profit. Today's savvy managers recognise fully the importance of building consensus, made all the more important by the coronavirus challenges. Read more

Posted May 2020:
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is a basic human right. Such freedom is not the prerogative of politicians. Journalists are those in the privileged position of being able to assist everyone’s right to free speech. Through the dissemination of news, information, ideas and opinions, the press provides a platform for voices to be heard, acting as the public’s watchdog and holding authority to account. Read more

Posted April 2020:
CORONAVIRUS HAS AFFECTED the entire world – including the world of business. However, public relations, marketing and other professional communicators have stepped up to the challenge and taken a lead in creating or supporting responses to the pandemic’s devastating effects. They’ve done so with remarkable flexibility, modifying and adapting messages to what has been an ever-changing situation. Read more

Posted March 2020:
SOCIAL MEDIA has been universally available for more than 10 years. It has meant easy access to a huge range of news sources, many of them springing up well apart from traditional media. Inevitably, quality has suffered, nowhere more than in authenticity and accuracy. Shoddy journalism has abounded. It has also led to false, or ‘fake’, news and public mistrust. Read more

Posted February 2020:
IN THE DAYS when Fleet Street was the newspaper centre of the world, the ‘Daily Sketch’ took its place as a tabloid, centre-right newspaper, started in Manchester before moving to London. Published for 62 years, among its many early scoops were action pictures of the RMS Titanic sinking in 1912 and the first photos of the 1914 British naval victory in the vital Battle of the Falklands. A young yours truly spent time at the Sketch, sparking this brief and fond look back. Read more

Posted January 2020:
SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES face marketers everywhere, more than ever before. Opportunities, too, but grasping them is becoming increasingly difficult. Smaller organisations with fewer resources are being hit hardest. For them, reaching out to customers across multiple channels, while keeping abreast of multifarious trends, must seem like running through a minefield. To underpin the effort, they need a strong in-house marketing team, whether or not working with external agency support. Read more

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