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Posted December 2019:

COMPETITORS DO NOT have to be your business foes. A joint venture with a similar business can lead to profitable collaboration on short-term projects or strengthened long-term relationships. Growth can be enabled without having to borrow money or look for new investors. Joint ventures also work well with markedly different enterprises and are particularly popular with companies operating across national frontiers. Read more

Posted November 2019:
ERIC ARTHUR BLAIR, born in India to a wealthy family, educated at Eton, a policeman in Burma, essayist in Paris, teacher in London, fighter in the Spanish Civil War, vociferous opponent of totalitarianism and democratic socialism supporter whose literary works were packed with power and impact, renamed himself prior to his first book being published. From then on, he was known as George Orwell. Read more

Posted October 2019:
BETTER RELATIONSHIPS between clients and their advertising, marketing or PR agencies lead to enhanced value for the fees paid as well as greater creativity, so why are there so many competitive pitches for business? Clients end up with the agencies and output they deserve. Agencies step into the unknown with the expansion they chase so vigorously. Pitching for new accounts is a wasteful drain on resources – for both sides. Read more

Posted September 2019:

SOCIAL PLATFORMS and their colossal amounts of content continue to bombard audiences with a readily-forgotten jumble of words. Most contributions are banal, or mediocre at best, with relevance a rarity. There is no need to lose heart, however. Professional copywriting will continue to provide added value by capturing attention, influencing and persuading: sentence by structured sentence. Read more

Posted August 2019:

ALL BRANDS are moveable feasts, moving at a pace, be that sluggish or speedy. Brands are in perpetual motion and have overtaken traditional positioning. Attaining real-time engagement is to the fore in today’s marketing world. Movements are relative to stakeholders, partners, employees, customers, competitors and suppliers. Successful brands are those that can align pace with the demands of these varied publics. Read more

Posted July 2019:
INVESTORS LIKE spin-offs, also known as starbursts. Infrastructure and reputations are in place and spun-off companies are expected to be worth more as independent identities. There are marketing as well as financial advantages in running an extra limb rather than a start-up. Businesses, large or small, don’t have to fade. New revenue streams may be there for the taking. Read more

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