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Posted June 2019:

THE LOCAL DEMOCRACY Reporter scheme is one year old. A joint venture between the BBC and regional publishers, it has been hailed as a significant success. Under the £8 million initiative, the BBC is paying for reporters employed by regional and local newspapers to bring the work of councils and other such bodies to public notice. Read more

Posted May 2019:
USING THE press office wi-fi at an international trade show, and chatting with a friend who edits a leading engineering magazine, calm was disrupted as he tried to hide face behind hands and bemoaned: "Oh no, here comes that dreadful Miss Megamouth.” “Megamouth?” "That awful Melanie from that equally awful public relations shower with the gimmicky name that keeps getting longer.” Read more

Posted April 2019:

BUSINESS REPUTATIONS are under increasing attack in this world of blame culture and insatiable demand for news, bad news in particular. Every business will face some such threat, almost certainly, so it pays to be well prepared. News can be instantaneous and you should stay ahead of the game. Crises abound, but resources can be put in place to ensure a return to business as usual. Read more

Posted March 2019:

THE EMERGENCE of fake news has caused havoc in political circles across the world. It has been just as damaging to the reputation of news media and constituent journalists. Promises and efforts are being made to right the fake news wrong. Is it too late? Journalists and their employers are mistrusted more than ever, accused of being lazy, shoddy and biased. Read more

Posted February 2019:

WHATEVER IT IS, see if it can be done digitally. That seems to be the rule of thumb for a majority of contemporary captains of marketing and sales. However, good old epistles through the post still offer one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising. The direct mail industry has decreased in size but it has reported that spending on this method of capturing customers is creeping up again. Read more

Posted January 2019:

AN ABILITY TO EXPLAIN all that’s good about your business and its offerings is fundamental to growth. Yet it can be frustratingly difficult to achieve. Who is capable of finding just the right tone, precisely the desired effect? Will you agree about the most penetrating words and phrases to use? The road to selecting a copywriter can be littered with juddering holes. At some stage, nonetheless, it is likely that you will have to take the journey. Read more

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